Our Services - Multidiamensional Engagements with FNPL

No business can sunrise abruptly. There has always been a road map which paved the path to more achievements and deliverables. FNPL is no exception.
The four decades of toil, patience and persistence of Dr R K Sanghavi has resulted in this new dimension for disease-personalised support in healthcare via the launch of brands under the FNPL umbrella. From Pharmaceuticals’ NeuroMarketing – Training – Conferencing – Regulatory – Nutraceuticals’ MedicoMarketing – Dr Lectures – Legal Redressals – OTC launching, the journey of Dr R K Sanghavi has been progressive all along.


  • Medico-Promotional
  • Medico-Regulatory
  • Techno-Legal
  • OTC Support
  • Training & Development Modules


  • Nutra Product Conceptualizing & Launch Related Activities
  • Functional Food Optimizing with Precision Ingredients
  • Product Attributes / Need Dissemination


  • Daily Body Care Products Enriched
  • Beauty Care Products Nutraceutically Enhanced
  • Suggestive Range of Cosmeceuticals with an Edge
The backbone and underlying factor of successful venturing have been the quality of inputs, the deep involvement in all projects, timely execution of deliverables, and resultant gains for the clients following each associating with Dr Sanghavi. Thus, along with launch of products, FNPL intends to provide expertise in its core competency domains as elaborated below.
When you choose FNPL as your consulting and business solutions partner, or positive health provider, you will discover what so many companies have already experienced – the Satisfaction of Fulfilled Expectation.