• Mouth Alcohol-Laced Air Inhalation System


The Procedure

Pour in the ALCOBOT Delivery System bottle, a minimum of 100 mL commonly consumed beverage ethyl alcohol with approximately 40% v/v concentration.

Close the bottle with the tight-fitting lid and insert the 2 straws in the centre-of-lid hole. Insert one straw so as to submerge within the layer of filled alcohol whilst the bottom of the other straw should be such placed so as to remain much above the liquid layer.

Suck air from the straw hanging above the liquid layer by shallow breaths over 30 seconds. The outside air will enter from the ‘other’ straw placed below the level of beverage alcohol and this will be evident by bubbling of the liquid. The alcohol-laced air, and not alcohol per se, will be breathed in (inhalation) through the mouth.

Subsequently after each inhalation, stop sucking process and breathe out (exhale) the air from the nose. This will facilitate cleansing and provide a sterilizer-like effect in not only the mouth but also the nostril passages.


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