Nutraceuticals - Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It is much easier to maintain health than to try to regain it after it has been lost. Remember, it is expensive to maintain health but illness is costlier!
Nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals constitute two verticals of Healthcare and are integral part of health management of human beings. Nutrition promotes well-being and Pharmaceuticals restores health but the blending of two ….

Nutrition + Pharmaceuticals = Nutraceuticals

According to Nutraceuticals Institute (NI) of Saint Joseph University (Philadelphia, USA): “Nutraceuticals are natural, bioactive chemical compounds that have health promoting, disease preventing or medicinal properties.” The ingredients are isolated and extracted from natural sources and resources and formulated as a health providing tablet, capsule, liquid, powders, granules, candies and similar other forms.
Home to 17.5% of earth’s population, India accounts for 20% of the global burden of disease. There are over 10,000 diseases and disorders the human beings have been documented to suffer but cures are available for merely 500 of these! This is indeed alarming and Nutraceuticals offer a viable option for healthier living. Be it the joints, heart, liver, brain, eyes, skin, hair, or any other aging-prone body part or organ, nutraceutical ingredients offer a wellness support to ensure positive health.
There are over 5,000 known and available nutraceutical ingredients that can support multifarious health concerns. Frequency of nutraceuticals use is 50%-70% in developed countries’ population and the more older an individual more is the indulgence in nutraceuticals for betterment in Quality of Life (QoL).