Fuzion Nutraceuticals Private Limited (FNPL) is a privately held company having disseminated over three decades of experienced expertise.


FNPL has been a brainchild of Dr R K Sanghavi, presently Chairman of FNPL, who has pioneered the launch of nutraceuticals in India and today has to his credit over 35 years of hands-on experience in conceptualizing and successfully launching such products.


Dr R K Sanghavi

Dr Rajendra Sanghavi is a qualified Consulting Medical Doctor, and a specialist in NeuroMarketing [implies scientifically promotion of health products versus MedicoMarketing (a terminology first used by Dr Sanghavi himself in late 1980s) which pertains only to mere product positioning], Regulatory, OTC & Techno-Legal domains in Healthcare.
With four decades of experience in Healthcare, having consulted over 80 Pharma Companies Dr R K Sanghavi has, in fact, pioneered the Nutraceutical domain of Healthcare in India.

FNPL Products

All the products under the FNPL’s brand will be an endeavor to provide the best optimal blend with correct
amounts of each ingredient and with an eye for incorporating the most beneficial form of the active constituent.

Designer Blends

ALL Beneficial / Natural Ingredients

Optimal Quantities of EACH Ingredient

Best Effective & Safer Form of EACH Ingredient


HALDICAN Capsules ensures the goodness of turmeric by providing optimal quantities of curcuminoids, it also additionally ‘uniquely’ contains piperine as well as lycopene.


Alcohol-based sanitisers have been most widely used and advocated since the COVID-19 pandemic.


VeTaut is a 100% natural and safe gel-based formula comprising of plant extracts and other ingredients.

Hairex Grow+

10 Vitamins, 9 Minerals and 4 Nutraceuticals in HAIREX GROW+

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